The Little Things

balloons against sunset

I like writing g’s, because it’s fun. I like bobby pins, balloons, stools, mug handles and zippers. I like honesty, erasers, flags, glue, furniture, faucets, blankets, railings, calculators and magnets.

I like the little things. Only recently have I been able to curate such joy from all of these, and it’s a good thing I have. I’ve been having a hard time, with a lot on my plate. Too much. It’s like when you’re at a brunch, and there are so many good foods that you just take a bunch of everything, but your plate is way too small to hold it all. As much as I try, after piling it high, there simply isn’t any more room for those five pastries and two apples I want as well. No more room.

But then, if I’m going to continue this ridiculous metaphor, I suddenly realize how beautiful it is that apples are juicy, and that the pastry I’m stuffing in my mouth was just dough a few hours ago. I see the stool in the corner, the blanket over the couch, and the mug handle I’m be holding. I’m just so filled with glee that I don’t notice that everything on my plate has just fallen on the floor and is now sticking to it, thanks to the glue I spilled earlier.

FIN metaphor.

What I’m trying to say is, maybe my days will look brighter now that I’m seeing the positive light. That was a pretty sentence. Maybe, this is what I need in order to start coping with everything going on: a little appreciation of the underlying particles of my day.

A few posts ago, I talked about “big thinking moments”, when I realize how big the world is and I have really deep moments. Maybe writing g’s plays into that somehow. You know, that whole “big things are made up of small pieces” talk that I wish I had gotten as a kid, but that I now give myself daily.

Living with Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain illness, you sort of start to realize that if you don’t appreciate the small things you have, you won’t have all that much to appreciate. And that sucks.

So now, I enjoy zipping up my jeans, and I smile at my faucets.  I decorated the entire girls bathroom (at school) with Winnie the Pooh stickers, because maybe that can make someone else smile. I’ve started bringing extra forks with me, so every day, I’m someone else’s hero (because I give them the gift of food. Well, the gift of being able to eat their food. Same silver).

All of these, make me feel that maybe I can live with Fibromyalgia, and maybe I will make it out okay.

Huzzah for the little things.

Yours truly,


Song Quote:

The world looks better through your eyes. –Firefly, Ed Sheeran

P.s. Just checked, the post about “big thinking moments” was I Am Effervescent.


21 comments on “The Little Things

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  3. Will have to return and read more of your interesting stuff. Stay positive, Ella. Stick with finishing that novel. So rewarding to get your thoughts…imagination of a story penned down. Have a wonderful day.


  4. creationthroughexpression says:

    You my darling are a wonderful little writer. With magic in your words, spreading magic into people’s lives. Keep carrying those forks, keep sticking those stickers…keep that smile on your face while spreading it across the faces of others. All my love. J x


    • creationthroughexpression says:

      and by no means is your writing ‘little’…I just picture you as a very delicate gentle pretty young girl with a talent for writing.


  5. I just loved this post. Thanks. :)


  6. Dr Wixy says:

    Life really is happier when we take time to stop and smell the roses, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder of so many little things to appreciate.


  7. It’s always nice to be able to find the small things that can make our days, Good for you.


  8. What an inspiring message, may you always find joy in the small things. Best wishes to you for health and happiness


  9. mathilde915 says:

    Hi Ella,
    I like your posts. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more from you. :-)Ellen/Mathilde


  10. demgreeneyes says:

    The little things make the big scary things worth it. Your blogs are like little rays of sunshine.


  11. Dear Ella, what a wonderful outlook you have on life with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I too suffered from FM for many years.


  12. You have much to offer! I look forward to working through your archives. You deserve support and have found it here. Voicing all your feelings, is healthy. I have come to realize that recently myself. As yet, I have no answers as to what has changed me so much this past year (prognosis pending), but I hang on to hope via the support and encouragement of people here. I’ll think of you daily now. Blessings.


  13. auntieyol says:

    That’s the spirit. Your inner joy overcomes the pain and you find the big spaces between the atoms… Pure energy of living . You were gifted discomfort so you could find that inner joy others cannot appreciate in daily life in the little things. I wish there is a cure soon and you can rest of this pain. I visualize the cure… In the meantime, share your joy with us.


    • ewada2012 says:

      Many years ago, when I worked with my pain, I visualised the core of the pain, its centre. At the beginning it was very hard to do it, but step by step I noticed this point in the middle….and cross it! It was so unexpected…I discovered underneth joy!!! All the best!! Sharing joy, brings it into your life!!


  14. risinghawk says:

    I, too, suffer from Fibromyalgia – a condition that in my case is wrapped up in severe post-traumatic stress disorder which I developed from combat while in the Navy, (a LONG time ago :) Anyway, after dealing with it for over 25 years, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it IS the “little things.” In fact, the “little things” in life are the true “BIG things.” Hang in there, and keep smiling!


  15. This is so inspiring! I think I have problems stopping to smell the roses every now and then! What us humans won’t do to know the time of day, 24/7. Crazy.
    PS… ggggggggg (:


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  17. Fibro Feist says:

    I couldn’t agree more: it’s the little things. We have to soak them up and enjoy them for all they’re worth. Our survival depends on it.


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