You Thief Me Not


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? It was probably the same person that stole the words from my brain. Yes, surely it is one and the same. I’m thinking, if we join forces and try to capture the culprit and force him to return the stolen goods, we can all benefit and maybe even save others from the same terrible fate.

I think this thief preys on the weak. My brain is probably super easy to tap these days, what with all I’m demanding of it. Not only does it have to remember to tell my heart to pump and my muscles to move, it also needs to memorize copious amounts of information and regurgitate them on paper during a few high-pressure hours. Beyond those, it also has to constantly encourage my body to keep moving and keep coming up with new thoughts and fantasies to distract me from my pain. I sympathize with it, truly. That’s why I don’t blame my poor brain for being so vulnerable. It’s not its fault.

Now that we’ve established how the thief chooses its next victims, let’s move on to how he executes his crimes. My brain is most susceptible when I’m sleeping, of course, but I think that those hours are relatively safe because I close my shutters at night. Shutters keep brains safe, I believe. After much pondering, I have concluded that he must be operating while I sit down to write. This makes sense. Do you get it? It’s the perfect moment to act, while my brain is open and spewing, he can just come and pick out the best of the best.

Is the thief working alone? So I believe, for is he were not I would surely see someone else gallivanting with my words, and it has not come to that. Yet.

How will the thief be stopped? How do I restore my words to their proper domain and protect the future ones from being lost?

This is my plea for help,



Song Quote:

As he faced the sun he cast no shadow, bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say. –Cast No Shadow, Oasis


P.s. If you help, I promise to share the cookies with you when we reclaim them.

9 comments on “You Thief Me Not

  1. Your use of thief in title reminds me of the way Trinidad English uses the word: as a verb as you have here. Same form as noun too. Perhaps there is no thought thief. Just a poor filing system in our brain for some things.


  2. Seyyid says:

    A really funny one


  3. This is great. Cookie thieves and word-burglers are everywhere. I may or may not be guilty of such crimes. I cannot confirm or deny.


  4. WoW, I really like bethpow06 said:) I was just gonna say, take a nap and come back to it. Beth described to a tee what it is I REALLY do, and it does work. I do it so much and have for so long that I tend to forget about it. Mindfulness Meditation is what I speak of. I began 15 years ago
    because of my MS. It saved my life because I CLEARLY would have gone over the edge without it.


  5. Thank you for sharing w.clarity, heart and humor!
    Marcy Westerling


  6. cttbbelliott says:

    So aptly put. Thank you! The pain and the brain. Working against us cohesively as thieves in the night.


  7. bethpow06 says:

    Sounds as if some guided meditation is called for, to quiet those chattering monkeys that hide your words and muddy up your thought paths. Calming the mind will lower the stress hormones that put your body on constant alert and don’t allow your neural pathways to sort out your busy days. Focus on the breath, watch the healing air flow into your lungs, then out with the toxins. Let the monkey chatter quiet as you feel the golden light pour over and through you, carrying the life restoring rays down to the cells. Then, calmed and restored, the words and the cookies will reappear. Next time secure the cookie jar out of reach of prying fingers!!

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