Rainbow Area


In life, there is an accepted term, “gray area”. It means things aren’t black and white; there’s no clear separation between good and bad. I’ve always accepted this term, and it never occurred to me how wrong it is until today.

It’s a rainbow area. It’s an area where a lot is happening, where things shift and change according to what we’re feeling and the circumstances, and what better way to represent shifting than color? I’ve always felt that I have some small version of synesthesia, because memories, dreams and feelings are represented in my heart by colors and shades of lighting.

I sometimes wish there was common ground in colors. If I tell someone that today I’m feeling orange, they’ll think I’ve gone a bit loco. To me, this makes sense: orange is a feeling, it’s the kind of mood I’m in. Yet when I try to translate this into normal people terms, it loses its meaning, and I simply say I’m feeling fine. But I’m feeling orange.

Humor me for a minute, and pretend you understand what feeling orange means.

Now do you have a better sense of me? Yes. Do you know what my day has been like? Yes. Do I need to say anything else in order for you to understand? Nope. Orange sums it all up.

Unfortunately and fortunately, colors are not used as everyday adjectives in the sense of feelings. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, you can “feel blue”, or “see green”, and these have a commonly accepted meanings, but they don’t count. Specific colors have been allotted certain connotations, and that doesn’t mean that’s the way I’m feeling. In my cozy world, green does not mean someone is jealous. Green can mean many, many different things, and jealousy isn’t actually among them.

So next time, instead of using the term “gray area”, please use “rainbow area”, and explain it to them if they don’t get it.

rainbow powder

Let’s make this a thing, people. #RainbowArea . It started here.


Yours truly,


Song Quote:

Loving him was red. -Red, Taylor Swift


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In addition, I will hopefully be getting back to regular posts now that school is over for the year. I survived! I did it! For a few months now I just haven’t had much spare time, but as I said, you can start looking forward to weekly posts again :)


28 comments on “Rainbow Area

  1. I love your idea of colours. I’m purple with a dash of red.


  2. spill71 says:

    Nice to meet you, I’m Sage Green. :) my middle name is probably Pool Blue, and my last name has got to be Pearl White. As far as my moods, im almost always pink and yellow. :)
    That was so much fun, love the concept, and will never forget.

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  3. Great idea to describe how I feel.

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  4. Saw the description in your twitter page…..I want your world. I feel black, you know what that one is? But after reading this, now I think I feel orange.

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  5. I love this idea! I am feeling kinda blue today… rainbow area it is from now on! :)

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  6. swamiyesudas says:

    Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Great! But it is not ‘areas.’ I am feeling like a Rainbow!

    I think it would be Wonderful if We Start using More of the Colours of the Rainbow! Inspiration: la Ella!

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  7. flippyzipflop says:

    I saw this and immediately thought of this post. Enjoy!!


  8. The Laughable Cheese says:

    hello. Nice idea for colors = moods. I know when someone says how are you feeling and you say Fine, it doesn’t cut it. What is fine. Many people say fine but we are not all a bunch of cookie cutter robots who happen to be feeling exactly the same right now. It’s that the words for how we feel are not easily within our grasp so we grasp for the word and what we pluck instead is fine.
    Colors are already known and understood by many. And the few that haven’t heard about color meanings still know instinctively. In fact it is universal, like the smile. It explains past sometimes our lack luster attempts at language. Genius idea.


  9. I totally “get” your writing. I feel periwinkle most of the time. Green is good, orange is what I feel when at my creative best. So glad I found your blog!


  10. flippyzipflop says:

    I love your page! I love your work! And I love your attitude!! I would like to participate in the competition, but do not have a twitter account. Can I still submit, or is it mandatory to have Twitter?



    • tiredella says:

      I’ll make an exception for you, it’s not a problem! Maybe just mention me in a blog post or something instead, and remind me in the email you send that I okayed you not being a twitter follower

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      • flippyzipflop says:

        Absolutely!! I was just reading through some of your blogs and thought of reblogging the rainbow blog. Makes PERFECT sense to me!!


  11. Lisa says:

    Reblogged this on Love Songs And Mood Swings and commented:
    I love this and fully agree. ~Lisa


  12. cgbalu says:

    It is not gray….colorful :)


  13. summerpena03 says:

    I am like that too! I definitely see the “gray area” in a more colorful way. I also see people as specific colors. Like someone may be red while another is marmalade and then another person could be brown. Everyone has their own color.


  14. Beautifully written!
    #RainbowArea sounds like something this world needs. I love your perspective! :)
    This reminds me of a book by author, Sidney Sheldon titled ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’ where a character uses colors to identify animate and inanimate entities.
    Hope you have a ‘colorful’ day! :D


  15. is grey the same as gray? :)


  16. C.D.Belacho says:

    Rainbow area indeed.


  17. Cai says:

    No need to humor you, i def get what feeling orange means. Really glad I read this because now i have a new vocab word to describe what i’ve been trying to explain to people


  18. DotedOn says:

    I use colors to describe how I feel… for example, I’m off today: gray. I feel bad: brown (like shit that is). Happy: yellow. Unsexy: beige… The list is long! And feeling orange is very good! Happy and passionate :). I enjoyed your post very much!

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  19. Lisa Kendrick says:

    Love it…I will definitely use the term!


  20. InfiniteZip says:

    I am lovely Violet today, smooth and mellow but vibrant. I hear this and love your beautiful post of truth;) lovely my friend. Peace and love, Kim


  21. Green Embers says:

    Using colors to describe emotions makes a lot of sense and there is quite a bit of research done on how colors impact moods. When you say orange, I think of the WordPress orange, which to me describes a warm, good feeling, a safe feeling. :D


  22. kraftycatcreations says:

    Congrats on getting through school this year! That is a big and colorful accomplishment!


  23. Aul says:

    Thou art very interesting…


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