Silent Night, Peaceful Drive


Driving at night is so peaceful. I spent almost an hour in the car last night, and even though I had music on, it felt silent. The world was rushing by but my brain wasn’t whirring at full speed.

In the car, I have power. Control. I may not be able to decide how my body behaves or how I wake up feeling, but I do get to decide where I drive and how fast I go.

In the car, my headlights form spotlights. For once, what the light illuminates is not the good, the bad or the ugly. It is the road. Always showing you where you are headed and gives you a way to survive.

Okay, reading that back, that last bit came out really pretty. Excuse me as I pat myself on the back.

In the car, my physical limitations evaporate. I can get where I want to get to, and nothing is a struggle. I am patient, and thus not even traffic can damper my mood.

In the car, I am safe from the rain. I stay cozy and dry, and watch for once as the bad thing is outside and not within me, not a part of me. I am but a bystander. The pain? Not mine. It is the clouds that are crying.

If only I could stay in my car and face the world from within, protected.



Song Quote:

Good morning freedom, goodnight lullabies. –Drive Darling, Boy

12 comments on “Silent Night, Peaceful Drive

  1. psalm37still says:

    I really liked this.


  2. “The pain? Not mine. It is the clouds that are crying.” I love this line, lol. Your writing is peaceful, much like the feel of your blog. Thank you for this!


  3. fordryhumor says:

    I love driving…so relaxing & peaceful. Lord, I pray you will relive the pain of my wordpress friend. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amrn.


  4. Naturally Ashlie says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I agree that there is such a peace when driving and especially that you don’t have to worry about physical limitations. Especially driving at night, there is just something magical about it. Thank you for sharing this :)


  5. Human Interest says:

    Reblogged this on Human Interest.


  6. Rick says:

    Well written…made me stop and think…


  7. kcg1974 says:

    Such a beautiful and lyrical post from you, Ella. I loved it. Bless you.


  8. A lovely piece Ella. Keep on writing! And thanks again for being the first person to like a Leighton Literature post.


  9. curlyandred says:

    You write beautifully… being fourteen I can’t drive yet and I get queasy in the car, heaven knows why, but the way you write it makes me want to drive…. it’s sounds so… magical, almost, even.


  10. julesofie says:

    Really really good! Sounds so poetic and wonderful :)
    You really got me by this.. and it is so true

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ishritabagchi says:

    Okay, can I take a moment to appreciate the fact that you took something like driving and made it sound poetic? Okay. And it didn’t seem forced. Awesome.


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