The True Reason You Should Be Kind

How cool is the world? I mean, seriously, how cool is it? Because I think it’s pretty freaking cool. There are just so many people. Every single one of them has a name, has thoughts, feelings, and a story. Then I think of how many people have lived since ever, how many nights have been slept through and how many sunrises watched. How many breaths have been breathed!!! The average person takes between 17,280 and 23,040 breaths a day, and there are about 7.2 billion people alive today. And that’s just one single day…

I am the only person who will ever be me, and there is so much to me. That means that… it’s just… wow. I can’t wrap my mind around the vastness of it all.

I think these thoughts more often than is probably normal (we’re talking at least once a day, usually more), but especially prompted by two things: good news and bad news.

The good news is when I’m uplifted, when I realize how awesome and incredible the world is (in other words, a Big Thinking Moment). Things like the “Project for Awesome” remind me how many people have good values and are creative and inspiring. Music and books and movies remind me that I am not alone. Nature brings me back to earth (literally), and it’s when I feel peaceful and whole that I value the beauty of our surroundings and remember to stay connected to it. My family and friends remind me how lucky I am to have them. Or all of these at the same time.


Had quite the onslaught of Big Thinking Moments as I stood staring at this and wondering how the colors could possibly be natural. I didn’t edit this picture at all — it was real life, in all it’s glory.

The bad news is when I hear about suffering. War makes me sad, and I become sadder when I realize that if we haven’t yet found a way to eradicate it, we are not as developed as we think we are. My hopelessness strips away the beauty I previously saw. Racism, cruelty, prejudice, hate, torture, rape, murder… I lose my faith in humanity, if only for a few moments. This is when I realize that if there are so many people in the world and we each experience hardships, there’s a sh*t-load of hardship going around.

The bad news is also what leads to me keeping things in perspective and not taking anything for granted. So on the personal scale I suppose you could say I find a way to make something positive of it, but in reality it just sucks and I hate the world sometimes.

I would say I range from being realistic and practical to being truly optimistic, and this is what keeps me going. My ability to find good and change the way I look at situations is something I have worked to cultivate and plan to fall back on throughout life.

So the way I approach the bad news? I try to be nice. Because yes, there are those with a vision who can change the world, and yes, I could set myself the goal of being one of those people, but that isn’t me (at least not yet). What I can do now is see people. I can notice when they’re having a hard time and need a kind word or gesture. I can tell when they need to be recognized for their personal successes and their abilities, and I try to do that for them. I also just say “hi” and ask how they are because I genuinely want to know. The ways are endless…

This doesn’t mean I’m perfect. This doesn’t mean I’m a good person. What this means is that I’m trying. That is all that can be asked of a person, and that is what I ask of you: please, try to be nice to all of those around you. Small gestures can make such a difference to people, and I’m not going to get all cliché and say that together we can change the world, but together we can make someone happy. Maybe that’s enough.

In the words of the great Ellen Degeneres, be kind to one another. Bye-bye.


Song Quote:

So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain. -Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

16 comments on “The True Reason You Should Be Kind

  1. […] if you’re looking for inspiration to begin your week, I so enjoyed reading this post from Ella @ Sick and Sick of It on the importance of kindness. She has such a wonderful viewpoint […]


  2. machineheadmedia says:

    Reblogged this on The Machinehead Chronicles.


  3. Zyp Czyk says:

    Fantastic post! This is an uplifting reminder to stop focusing so much on the half (or even more) empty part of our glass and remember that another part of our glass is full.

    In the midst of my winter gloom, you’ve really brightened my day. No matter how crappy I feel, I can still accomplish some little act of kindness – like calling or even emailing a friend and letting them know how much I appreciate them being in my life. It turns out that “random acts of kindness” are as good for the giver as for the receiver.

    As the Dalai Lama says: My religion is Kindness.

    Thanks for the reminder!


  4. shabalqish says:



  5. shabalqish says:

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  6. […] if you’re looking for an inspiration boost to start your week, I so enjoyed reading this post from Ella @ Sick and Sick of It on why it’s so important to be kind. She has such a wonderful […]


  7. I guess laughter and pain are in all of us, and we wouldn’t be able to distinguish one if we didn’t have the other. But, like you, I see no reason why some of us, all of us if you like – if we’re capable – can’t at least try. A smile makes the world a better place.


  8. Kelly Myers says:

    Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year… love that song. My sister and I have deep meaning in those lyrics. I agree, make someone smile. Perhaps they’re acting shitty because they’re in a bad place and need help to find something to smile about. Life sucks sometimes but there has to be good out there somewhere!


  9. […] if you’re looking for an inspiration boost to start your week, I so enjoyed reading this post from Ella @ Sick and Sick of It on why it’s so important to be kind. She has such a wonderful […]


  10. Jonathan says:

    Love this post. I find myself in a similar place from time to time – wondering why nobody is doing anything to stop the mayhem going on everywhere. Sometimes it’s little things – like the thoughtless actions of an individual – sometimes it’s bigger – like the various wars going on.


  11. Dave says:

    This made me :) so THANK YOU.


  12. Ivy Dashti says:

    So cool, so sweet!


  13. Donna says:

    In the wise words of Yoda, “There is no ‘try.’ There is only ‘do’ or ‘don’t do.'”
    You. Are. Doing. Thank you! And thanks for writing about it!


  14. Divya says:

    We all have a chance to show kindness in our own possible proportions. It is just the will to do which matters. If one cannot do anything massive to help out, atleast a ‘hi’ or few words of kindness will mean a lot to the other.I have been that ‘other’ person at times and I know how much of a hope and relief (atleast momentarily) those few kind words can instill in you.
    – The Belletrist (


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