The Gas Station Anecdote

Last week I took the car to get cleaned and sat on a nearby chair reading a book. At first I didn’t understand why everyone was giving me these weird looks, and then I realized I’m a girl sitting in a gas station reading Ernest Hemingway. Now I get it.

As supremely uncomfortable as I was, I buried my nose in my book and didn’t look up until it was time to give the tip. Which I first dropped on the floor. Because I’m just cool like that. I also started driving without popping the right mirror back in place. Because I’m cool like that. I then awkwardly leaned over the right seat and flailed my phalanges at it while the man waited next to me. But only because I’m cool like that.

Good story.



Have you had a similar experience? Or are you just generally cool like I am? Tell me in the comments below!

Song Quote:

I wish that I could be like the cool kids. –Cool Kids, Echosmith


“The Anecdotes” is a series of fairly mundane life occurrences documented by Ella. They are a result of a busy schedule that has led to an upsetting lull in posting. Ella hopes The Anecdotes will amuse you as they amuse her and that you will join her in recognizing the reality of every situation she is in. She will now stop talking in third person because she’s pretty sure she’s insane. Read the full introduction here.

7 comments on “The Gas Station Anecdote

  1. My car is so dirty, inside and out, that i might need to to buy more than one Hemingway….. and as i huff and puff my way to the book shop, I get hot….. But yeah, I’m cool like that too! Love your post Ella


  2. I need to get my car washed too, but first I’m off to the library (in a dirty vehicle) to get a Hemingway.


  3. Haha yes, I relate:)


  4. athling2001 says:

    So funny. Thanks for the smile.


  5. cathyjing99 says:

    Very amusing! That’s never happened to be before because I can’t drive yet, but no worries, we all have “embarrassing” moments. Love these anecdotes–do continue! :)


  6. Camille A. says:

    Yes! I did have some similar experiences. Oftentimes people don’t get me. But I don’t care because I’m cool like that. ;)


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