The Sleepless Anecdote

One might think there’s something romantic about a late night. The dim lights, the silent house, the rustle of the wind outside.

There isn’t. I couldn’t sleep. I got into bed at 10:30 and fell asleep at 4:30. That’s six hours of non-romance. It was frustrating. The crazy thing was, my brain was totally awake and processing the implications of the situation while also enjoying the game of keeping me awake.

I finished reading The Bell Jar. I watched three episodes of Friends. I meditated. I ate cereal. I took everything off my bed and put it all back. I solved a math question.

I did everything but sleep. My body is like “you suck” and my brain is like “yay I won!” and I’m like dead.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Insomnia for the win,


Song Quote:

Even when you’re sleeping, keep your eye-eyes open. -Eyes Open, Taylor Swift

P.s. Happy second birthday “Sick and Sick of It”!!! Rather than creating a virtual cake with candles, you’re each invited to just write a wish in the comments below. I think my wish is obvious at this point.


12 comments on “The Sleepless Anecdote

  1. DotedOn says:

    Happy anniversary!
    I wish you get a good night sleep with the most beautiful dreams.
    (I have trouble sleeping too… Sometimes, I listen to some nature sounds, I downloaded a few apps with birds singing and chimes, they don’t help me sleep but at least I smile while watching the ceiling :)



  2. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY.Or….whatever it’s called.:D
    When I can’t sleep,I simply lie in bed with the lights off and my music playing.:)
    I just finished The Bell Jar yesterday.What d’you think of it?


    • Ella says:

      Thank you! Beautifully written, but sad knowing Sylvia Plath really did commit suicide. I read it as a work of art more than as a novel I could get sucked up in because I didn’t feel like I could relate Esther and I kind of held myself at bay from letting the hopelessness sink in to me. What did you think?


      • I keep saying this to EVERYONE,but the book scared me.The incredibly depressing tone and those parts where it’s almost possible to understand exactly what she’s talking about-it made me choke a lot.Overall,absolute love for the book.


  3. Waza Solomon says:

    I love you… :)


  4. lwarfield says:

    Happy bday and may you sleep better! Know you are not alone-because I am out there orbiting with you!!!


  5. escharae says:

    The least romantic thing of all is how you can barely function the next day.


  6. Sandra says:

    Insomnia is awful – suffered for years. Go to Sprouts or some health store and invest in some Adrenal Stress herbal pills. The ‘Sleep Thru’ are the best and I think the make is Gagia. No side effects, but the calm your adrenal gland, which may be keeping you awake.

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  7. sittingsilent says:

    The brain has the way of doing this no? You’re not alone I assure you. Some of us are kept awake, our usually forgetful brains dredging up every stupid thing you’ve ever done and throwing it in your face while the burden crushes more than just the pillow your head rests upon.

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  8. cathyjing99 says:

    When it seems like I’ve been tossing and turning in my bed for hours, I get up. Usually I like to read or do logic puzzles to tire my mind with all that thinking. Other times, if there’s something bothering me that keeps me from sleeping, I like to write. I avoid going on my phone or laptop because the glare of the screens won’t help me sleep at all.


  9. I wish you a happy second birthday!


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