Just a little bit healthier.

I visualize it.


As I



And chew

My healthy food,

I visualize how

It will spread.

The all-natural, non-processed,

Antioxidants fibers minerals nutrients proteins vitamins

Will –

In alphabetical order –

Make their way to every single

(Prison) cell of mine

And make each and every one

Just a little bit healthier.


As I



And sweat (so much)

In the gym,

I visualize how the exercise

Will exorcise my demons.

As I feel the burn

And wick the slickness

Off my broken body,

I pretend I’m working the sickness


And muscle by muscle, making myself

Just a little bit healthier.


Watch me as I cling

To the desperate belief

That beholden in me

Is the innate ability

To make myself

Just a little bit healthier.


I’ve been visualizing it for so long,

Some might say I’m beginning to lose my mind.

But if I lost it, I would simply eat healthy and exercise

And try

(And fail)

To make that part of me

Just a little bit healthier, too.




One comment on “Just a little bit healthier.

  1. Ivy Dashti says:

    I love to read your writing. Thank you for sending it to me.

    Sent from my iPhone



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