Sea of death.


A sea of grief and unspoken words,

White glazed marble haze 

Gleaming starkly in the sunlight,

As ghosts shimmer in the swaying skyline.

As sadness emanates from every inch of stone. 


A dead silence only known

By that many living souls.

Glimpses of faces, polished in pale,

Over shoulders and avoided stares,

Distance never to broken again

And hearts never to be saved.


It takes a while to fill a grave. 


There are no words, 

And no good way to start. 

There’s no good way to end.




“Killing time is getting old, I wanna go, I wanna go and darling, I’ve been cold.” – Silences


5 comments on “Sea of death.

  1. Val_ToWriter says:

    On the right hand side of your page you say “You’re already awesome.” I hope you can find some of that awesomeness despite the sadness you seem to be feeling. You’ve overcome a lot in the past; let the future unfold as it will and deal with life as it comes, remembering that at heart you are an awesome person.


  2. This is a piece of such sombre beauty I cannot help feeling it betrays personal grief. I hope that life is treating you well? There is glory to be found in the simplest things…


  3. Ivy Dashti says:

    So sad…


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