Some Truths

I have this fear that my life is a story.

I worry I will one day faint down the stairs.

When my body crashes and I feel worse, my body self esteem dips.

I’m good at being the bigger person when someone else can’t be.

I’m always the one to speak. I’m not sure I like that.

I can’t think of any deep, dark secrets I have.

Sometimes I sip water as though my life depends on finishing the bottle. I wish it could be my salvation.

I think that as a child I suppressed my jealous streak, but it’s still in there somewhere. Maybe that’s my deep, dark secret.

I miss not knowing about the horrible things that happen in the world.

Just some truths today. What are yours?


Song Quote:

Sometimes I think that I think too much. – Hold You, Nina Nesbitt

5 comments on “Some Truths

  1. Faybun says:

    My Dad just left and I felt like a part of me was being taken away. Dint use to be like that before I fell ill. Thats my truth for today.


  2. No matter how much practice I have I remain a terrible liar.


  3. Love this…so well worded


  4. I really loved this piece… Thank you for the inspiration…


  5. starfish says:

    My truth is that I feel down or lonely in some weird way so often that I don’t dare to call up or message my friends most of the time, in fear of losing those few precious persons in my life by annoying them.

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