We stole

An hour.

To say hello,



We stole

A piece of time

And made it our own.

Amid the trains

And the busses

And the shops

And the people,

We stole


We smiled,

Eyes crinkling

Hearts beating

Cheeks seizing


How it feels

To be together. (Again).


We traipsed and traipsed

Over the same

Ground and ground,

Lifting all our baggage and carrying it around,

Piling it up in corners as we sat

So we could get




We stole


Fragments of

Thoughts and



Around constantly

By distance

And (my) doubt.

We took

Our (sliver of) time

And put everything back together. (Again.)


We stole

A cuddle on a bench, a kiss in an elevator, a picture in a reflection. Embraces by the trains and the busses and the shops and the people.  


I trembled, like I always do

When I finally get to see him.

I rested my head

On his chest, beneath his chin.

A vision of velvet emotions.

I leaned my body into his,

Lined my heart up with his,

Let myself be wrapped up in his,


I let my erratic pulse sing with the silence,

And my incessant thoughts rhyme with the quiet,

And my tireless unsettled movement tango with the grounded hush,

Because all I really wanted

Was time.


We walked by all the people and we walked by all the shops, and he got on his train and I got on my bus.


We stole

An hour,

And said goodbye





Song Quote:

I wanna feel what love is, I know you can show me. I’m gonna take a little time, a little time to look around me, I’ve got nowhere left to hide, It looks like love has finally found me. -I Wanna Know What Love Is, Foreigner


8 comments on “Velvet.

  1. It was really a pleasing and eloquent read.


  2. The Lazy Wanderlust says:

    I’m so into your blog! I love your poems and stories, they feel so…literary. And I love literature!


  3. Val_ToWriter says:

    Ella, this poem is really lovely. It brought back feelings that I haven’t thought of in decades — I’m not a grandma 10 times over! Powerful and pleasant.


  4. Zack Massa says:

    This was really well done. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Charming. Do you ever read your poems to an audience i wonder?


    • Ella says:

      Audience of one… and his name is Tom. But generally no – my writing is something I don’t mind sharing with the internet, but few people in real life know I write, let alone know I have been writing this blog for nearly four years.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ljoy N says:

    This is so good!


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